(Photo by: Daniel Regan)

Florine Kim NÜESCH

Award winning directing duo from Switzerland based in Los Angeles.


Raised by a painter mother and an architect father, they grew up in an ever changing creative environment. They began to make films at a very young age and later on moved to Los Angeles to study directing and writing at Art Center College of Design. Their passion for detailed art direction and wardrobe is present in all their films as well as their interest in human connection or the absence of it.


In 2016, they started their own Production Company called Nüesch Sisters Productions in Los Angeles. Their fashion film Moon Girls was selected by various international film festivals and premiered on Nick Knight’s fashion website SHOWstudio. Their latest short film Forget Me Not won silver at the Young Director Award at Cannes and was selected by numerous international film festivals including the LA Shorts Festival and the Holly Shorts Film Festival. Over the years, they directed various music videos, short films and fashion films. Currently, they are working on multiple projects including their first feature film and a sci-fiction series, which was nominated for the Young Director Award 2020 in the category Dream Pitch. 


– Young Director Award (YDA) 2020 - "State of Men" Shortlisted in Dream Pitch Category

– Young Director Award (YDA) 2018 - "Forget Me Not" Silver in Short Film Category

– LA Shorts International Film Festival 2018 - "Forget Me Not" Official Selection

– Holly Shorts Film Festival 2018 - "Forget Me Not" Official Selection

– Schweizer Jugendfilmtage 2019 - "Forget Me Not" 1st Prize

– Thunderdance Film Festival 2018 - "Forget Me Not" Runner Up Award for Best Actor/Actress

– Filmshortage Top 10 Drama Short Films of 2018 - "Forget Me Not"

– Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival 2019 - "Forget Me Not" Official Selection
– Marfa Film Festival 2018 - "Forget Me Not" Official Selection

– Ascona Film Festival 2019 - "Forget Me Not" Official Selection

– Media Future Day Award 2017 - "I Scream" 1st Prize

 Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival 2017 - "Woven Into You" Official Selection

Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival 2017 - "Moon Girls" Official Selection

Video of the Day (VOTD) 2017 - "Woven Into You" Official Selection

– Schweizer Jugendfilmtage 2017 - "Moon Girls" Official Selection

– Most Festival Internacional de Cinema del Vi i el Cava 2016 - "Hatt&Söner Champagne Commercial" Official Selection

– Film Shortage 2016 - "Moon Girls" Daily Short Pick

– Fashion Film Festival Milano 2016 - "Moon Girls" Official Selection

– NFFTY Film Festival 2016 - "Moon Girls" Official Selection

– SHOWstudio 2016 - "Moon Girls" Official Selection

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